Unabashed and Unapologetic, ASPCA Pushes Fertility Control

The government has already assigned most of the resources to privately owned cattle and sheep.

What’s the best way to make sure those specifications are fulfilled?

Safe and humane fertility control, according to a news release issued yesterday.

The ‘Path Forward‘ signatory, like other advocacy groups, has decided that the best way to protect wild horses is to get rid of them, just what the ranchers ordered.

VR Darting Injury 09-15-21

In practice, because the ranchers want their allocated share of the forage now and are unwilling to wait for the herds to die off as birth rates sink to zero, helicopters will do most of the dirty work, with the advocates in a mopping up role, stalking the mares with their darting rifles and shooting them with PZP, ensuring that the herds don’t try to reclaim any of their food from the most noble and deserving non-native species on America’s public lands.

Mission accomplished.

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Love Triangle on Americas Public Lands 08-19-21

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