Chronic Overpopulation and Strained Resources?

This article about rescue and adoption in The Daily Sentinel of Grand Junction isn’t a human-interest story or a horse-interest story.  It’s a setup.

When two mustangs reunite, would they remember

  • Hunger and thirst?
  • Heat and mud?
  • Suffering and death?

The story begins on Navajo land but shifts to “all the wild horses roaming millions of acres without enough food or water” and the need for their management.

It’s all downhill from there.

A competitive shooter and PZP darter trains other firearms aficionados to shoot mares with contraceptive darts to reduce the number of foals born every season.

Many still starve and die of thirst, according to the writer, but these heroes are doing their part to get rid of them, along with the helicopters, while shielding the public-lands ranchers from the effects of a temporary change in the weather.

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