Comments Invited on Draft EA for New Off-Range Corrals

A preliminary environmental assessment for a high-density animal feeding operation was released today for public review.  The proposed facility would be built on private land north of Winnemucca, NV and east of the Highway 95/290 junction.

The corrals would cover 100 acres and have a capacity of 4,000 wild horses and burros, for a stocking rate of 40,000 animals per thousand acres.

Horses and burros removed from their home range would be held there until they are adopted or transferred to long-term pastures.

The operator would be JS Livestock of unknown city and state.

New Winnemucca Corrals 09-02-21

The word ‘shelter’ appears nowhere in the assessment.

Comments will be accepted through September 17, according to the news release.

3 thoughts on “Comments Invited on Draft EA for New Off-Range Corrals

  1. The corral would be an excellent place for all the private cows and sheep, after all, they are domestic animals, used to corrals, etc., while wild horses should be left on their designated lands, which belong to all of us the tax payers, 80% of who want to have the Mustangs and wild burros left where they are. So, once again, private cows and sheep into privately owned corrals, wild horses and burros left to where they belong, on their designated lands. Any other arrangement is an obvious move to get rid of the wild horses and burros in any way possible, and to keep the cows and ship to continue earning profit for everyone involved.

  2. I honestly think that they are pushing for sending our wild horses and burros off to slaughter as soon as they can. Who can even go onto private property to see how the horses are doing?!! This whole thing makes me feel sick to my stomach. It is all due to greed and profiteering from cows and sheep and our tax dollars. It is a disgusting move to say the least.

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