Who’s Protecting the Sand Wash Horses from the Advocates?

Helicopters will be flying in a few days but the advocates have already done some of the heavy lifting.

The news release dated August 26 by Return to Freedom indicates that hundreds of wild horses have been eliminated “with safe, proven and humane fertility control.”

The announcement says nothing about livestock grazing in the HMA and the large amount of forage assigned thereto.  Why aren’t they telling you about that?

Why aren’t they standing up to the ranchers and their allies in government?

Protect Wild Horses from Advocates 08-29-21

The government will permanently remove 82% of the horses in the area, due to a temporary change in the weather, but a recent video suggests the narrative is false.

With the horses gone, what do you suppose will return to normal as quickly as possible?

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Love Triangle on Americas Public Lands 08-19-21

One thought on “Who’s Protecting the Sand Wash Horses from the Advocates?

  1. The Wild Horse & Burro Act of 1971 set aside about 200 HMA’s of which only 177 HMA’s remain in 2021. The HMA’s were created as a Protective habitat for Wild Horses and Burros. It was the Responsibity of the Wild Horse & Burro Division of the BLM to protect the HMA’s for the Wild Horses and Burros.. BLM was also entrusted with developing a Plan to stop BLM Mustangs/ Burros from being sold to Slaughter. ** Mustangs are being removed from their protected HMA’s in favor of increasing Grazing Permits/Leases for Domestic Livestock. BLM will also be increasing per head levels of Domestic Livestock on the HMA’s. *** There is a direct correlation between the increase of Helicopter Roundups, BLM Adoption Events, And BLM Private Auctions of BLM Mustangs and Burros and the steadily increasing numbers of BLM Mustangs in the Kill Pens. The designated “Sale Authority” Mustangs are sold on a Bill Of Sale.. They do not recieve BLM Titles and loose all BLM Protection the Day the Bill of Sale is issued to the new owner.. **The Emergency Helicopter Roundups are not based on the Protocall or Guidelines established by the Wild Horse Protection Act of 1971. BLM is not following Polices and procedures developed by the BLM to Protect Wild Horses and Burros. There is sufficient water sources and forage as reflects the prime condition of the Sand Wash Mustangs on August 25. 2021. The mares in Sand Wash Basin are foaling. Other Mares have foals under 8 weeks old. Bait Trapping and Postponing Roundups until Most Mares have foaled and Most Foals are 4 months old is out lined in BLM Policies and proceedures per the Wild Horse Protection Act of 1971. BLM has chosen to ignore these options. BLM is not acting in the Best Interest as Protectors of the Sand Wash Basin Mustangs, Pregnant Mares and Mares with nursing foals under 8 weeks of age. 1. Stop the Sand Wash Basin Helicopter Round Ups. 2. DECREASE the Per Head Number Of Domestic Livestock Grazing BLM HMA’s. 3. INCREASE the Allotment on HMA’S for BLM Mustangs and Burros. 4. All Captured (Adoped*Sale Authority) Mustangs and Burros should be titled and have a mandatory 12 month waiting period before New Owner Qualifies to recieve a BLM Title. The BLM Wild Horse and Burro Division was Created to Protect America’s Iconic Wild Mustangs and Wild Burros not cater to Domestic Livestock Coporations/Ranches.

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