Climate Change Driving Wild Horse Roundups?

We’ve never seen this before.  Dry conditions out west.  Worsened by global warming.

We should give it a name.  Western Horse Watchers proposes Megadrought Sandy.

As for the horses, how many HMAs are not occupied by privately owned livestock?

How can emergency roundups provide relief to fragile ecosystems without similar cutbacks in permitted grazing?

When conditions improve, will the horses be returned to the range?

The government is not trying to save wild horses, but to insulate the public-lands ranchers from the effects of temporary changes in the weather, and improve their fortunes in the future.  What drives this obsession?

Man-made climate change is a lie, despite what you might read in stories like this one by AP News.

If you want to get off the grid and put your car on blocks, knock yourself out.

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