Letter About West Douglas Roundup Draws Backlash

The writer of the original piece, posted on August 5, criticized the ranchers.

In two subsequent letters, both posted yesterday, the ranchers push back.

The author of one response said the roundup was necessary due to the drought and loss of forage by the Oil Springs fire.

Let’s accept that as true.  When conditions improve, are the horses going to be returned?  Of course not!  The goal was not to save them, but to get rid of them.

What do you suppose will return to normal levels when food and water reappear?

Another letter points to rangeland degradation caused by wild horses, citing the benefits of permitted grazing.

Problem is, the data don’t support the claim: Approximately 74% of BLM grazing land in Colorado does not meet standards for rangeland health.

The area accessible to wild horses in the state is tiny compared to the acreage designated for livestock.

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