West Douglas Emergency Gather Starts Next Week

An estimated 450 wild horses will be removed from the West Douglas Herd Area, south of Rangely, CO, starting on July 26.  Dry conditions have reduced forage production and a wildfire has burned critical summer habitat, according to a BLM news release.

The horses will be pushed into the traps with helicopters and the operation will be open to public observation.

West Douglas has no AML.  Although horses were found there in 1971, it has not been managed for them since 1975.

West Douglas HA Map 07-24-21

The announcement did not indicate if the HA was subject to permitted grazing and did not provide the destination of captured animals.

The gather page says they will be available for adoption though the Cañon City facility.

Daily reports and cumulative totals will be posted to that page.

One thought on “West Douglas Emergency Gather Starts Next Week

  1. Stop the Roundups. There was no reason to round up the Onaqui Wild Horses and I doubt their us a reason for theses horses either. Can we see pictures of the conditions please because you people cannot be trusted. The Onaqui were perfectly healthy and what you people ate doing is illegal

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