ISPMB Calls for Study of Heber Wild Horses

A five to seven year study would yield a better way to manage horses on public lands and thus reclaim the public’s trust, according to a news release issued this morning.

Personnel to be involved in the project would include habitat specialists, behaviorists, ecologists and scientists.

RELATED: ISPMB: Keep Wild Horse Families Intact for Self-Regulation.

One thought on “ISPMB Calls for Study of Heber Wild Horses

  1. Karen Sussman now plans to keep the wild horses in families bands but will still starve and neglect them? So now, having had her celebrity resign after being told what she did to the hallelujah horses she’s set her sights on the Heber Band? Why wasn’t she prosecuted the last time? One animal is too much for her to own. Shameful she is able to do this. Alison James Sandy Hook, CT

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