Black Mountain Roundup, Part 2, Day 132

The operation began on March 9, a resource enforcement action that follows a wild burro removal in 2020Gather stats through July 18:

  • Burros captured: 303, up from 243 on Day 122
  • Capture goal: 500
  • Removal goal: Probably 500
  • Returned: 0
  • Deaths: 0
  • Shipped: 209, no change from Day 122

The cumulative total on the gather page is 306.

Foals represented 14.9% of the burros gathered.  Of the adults, 61.6% were male and 38.4% were female, not what you’d expect to find in a sample of n = 303 taken from a simple random process centered at 50% males / 50% females.

Do these results tell you anything useful about the herd at large?

There were 94 burros in the unaccounted-for category.

The incident is not open to public observation.

Supplemental statistics:

  • AML: 478
  • Pre-gather population: Unknown
  • Forage liberated to date: 1,818 AUMs per year
  • Water liberated to date: 1,515 gallons per day
  • Burros displaced from HMA by privately owned livestock: 1,222
  • True AML: 1,700
  • Excess animals before roundup: Unknown

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UPDATE: The limits of variation for males and females should be based on n = 258 adults, not n = 303.  The observed percentages are still outside the calculated limits with n = 258.  The formula for computing the limits can be found in this Wikipedia article.

One thought on “Black Mountain Roundup, Part 2, Day 132

  1. The twisted BLM! It’s the cattle that should be removed! Leave the wild burros on public land!

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