Advocates Target Currituck Studs

Everybody gets darted in this project.  Test results could pinpoint ‘undesirable’ traits, leading to selective removals and certain ‘enhancements’ to the birth control program.

The herd is a unique genetic resource and irreplaceable treasure, so why can’t they leave it alone?  The horses have been there for 500 years!

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One thought on “Advocates Target Currituck Studs

  1. The BLM must be exposed for it’s continued misrepresentation of the real facts! They’ve been corrupted by the greedy cattlemen and are now executing the cruel plan to eradicate the few remaining mustangs from our land! Soon we’ll only see cattle and sheep grazing on public lands! Unlike horses and burros, who help spread seeds, these creatures will trample the grasslands, turning our plains into great basins of dust, and emitting tons of methane gas in the process! We’ll continue to pay taxes, but without representation.

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