Onaqui Roundup Day 4

The incident began on July 14.  Gather stats through July 17:

  • Horses captured: 344
  • Capture goal: 400
  • Removal goal: 296
  • Returned: 1
  • Deaths: 1
  • Shipped: 342

One death occurred on Day 3, related to the roundup.

Foals accounted for 10.2% of the horses gathered.  Of the adults, 48.9% were male and 51.1% were female.

There were no unaccounted-for horses.

Some of the mares will be treated with contraceptives and returned to the HMA along with some of the stallions.

Gather operations will likely conclude in another day or two.

Supplemental statistics:

  • AML: 210
  • Pre-gather population: 500
  • Forage liberated to date: 4,116 AUMs per year
  • Water liberated to date: 3,430 gallons per day
  • Horses displaced from HMA by livestock: 1,300 (estimated)
  • True AML: 1,510 (estimated)
  • Excess animals before roundup: None

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