Virtual Fences Coming to a Pasture Near You?

Think of it as GPS-enabled shock collars.  You enter the coordinates of the pasture into the base station, slap on the collars and the system will gently persuade your livestock to stay within the pre-defined boundaries.

There are no posts, no gates, no buried wires.

The story by KFOR News of Oklahoma City did not say what might happen if the power goes out or atmospheric conditions interfere with GPS signals.

The range of the system is not known and if it requires line-of-sight communications between the base station and the animals.

Nevertheless, the technology may be of interest to those on the political left who want to control everything, including you.

A GPS-enabled kill switch in your car would warn you when you’re approaching the limits set by your masters.  An ankle bracelet might do the same if you’re on foot.

Curiously, those who would enslave you are the ones tearing down statues because they’re associated with slavery.

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