BLM to Decimate Onaqui Herd, Advocates Offer to Do That

“The science is on our side,” according to a delegate of the Cloud Foundation, stating that “there are win-win solutions that can benefit the ranchers and our wild horses.”

The reference, of course, is to PZP darting of wild mares.  The term appears three times in this article by The Salt Lake Tribune.  Drive the birth rate to zero and let the herd die off.  Don’t let the horses reclaim any of their food from the cattlemen.

Any of you still wondering who the turncoats are in the wild horse world?

Undeniable Truth #2.

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2 thoughts on “BLM to Decimate Onaqui Herd, Advocates Offer to Do That

  1. The Cloud Foundation’s comments merely expose the depth of corruption, and the extent of their pursuit for the “Mustangs’s Final Solution” soas to appease the powerful Cattlemen! Technically, the Land is ours! In reality, it’s the Cattlemen’s….taxation without representation!

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