How the Cattlemen Impose Their Will on Us

They’re not lobbying the politicians, as we saw yesterday.  They’re schmoozing the bureaucrats, who never have to face the voters.

The practice came up last year, when BLM moved its headquarters to Grand Junction.

Why all the uproar?  Loss of access by special interests.

Two years ago, when interviewed about the proposed move, a Colorado senator said “Washington is infested with special interests.  You mean to tell me that BLM is insulated from that?  They’re infested.”

Congress doesn’t write land-use plans and specify AMLs.  How long do you think they’d last if the American people knew they assigned most of the resources in wild horse areas to privately owned livestock?  That would be political suicide.

They may agree with it, but they let the bureaucrats do the dirty work.

Cattle and Horses

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