Wildcatters Heading to Diamond Hills North HMA?

Public scoping has begun for a proposed drilling rig and supporting equipment in the Diamond Valley, south of Elko, NV.  Comments can be submitted by email until July 30.

The coordinates given in the news release put the project on the western side of the HMA or slightly beyond, so there are probably some wild horses in the area—those that escaped last year’s roundup or have migrated in to fill the vacuum.

Diamond 1-27 Well Map 07-04-21

As of today, the project documents include a topographic map but that’s it.  The amount of land needed for the project is probably just a few acres, enough to displace 1/200th of a horse at typical stocking rates.

The number of horses displaced from public lands by permitted grazing and those lost to fertility controls are far greater.

Undeniable Truth #3.

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UPDATE: The BLM rep listed in the news release said on July 6 that the project requires five acres, which would displace 1/200th of a horse as noted above.

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