Onaqui Roundup Announced

The incident, which begins on July 11, is necessary because the land can’t support the current number of horses in conjunction with other animals and resource uses.

Dry conditions have aggravated the situation, according to the news release.

The method of capture was not specified but the operation will be open to public observation after the first day.

The HMA covers about 205,000 acres and has an AML of 210, for an aimed-at stocking rate of one wild horse per thousand acres.

Onaqui HMA Map 07-01-21

The gather target is 400, with 296 horses to be removed, according to the roundup schedule dated June 15.

Captured animals will be sent to the Sutherland and Delta off-range corrals.

Mares returned to the range will be treated with contraceptives.

The number of livestock affected by the mandatory AUM curtailments is not known.

A link for the gather stats and daily reports was not provided.

Over 200 wild horses were removed from the area two years ago.

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