PZP Darting is Not the Answer

In the typical wild horse area, ‘sharing their home’ means 80 to 95 percent of the forage has been assigned to privately owned livestock.

It’s not a minor problem.

The number of horses displaced from public lands by permitted grazing is so large that every one of them in off-range holding could be returned by ending the practice in just a few dozen HMAs.

Those who would get rid of them with contraceptives are ranching collaborators.

One thought on “PZP Darting is Not the Answer

  1. Wish more people thought this way.
    Your ideas and thoughts on the wild horse issues make so much sense.
    I don’t think very many of the advocates are familiar with your daily blog.
    May I share some things on my IG page with your permission and credit of course. I just feel the need to share your plain logic.
    Thank you.

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