Zoo Euthanizes Oxen Because of Global Warming?

The last two animals were put down by their caretakers last month after the state’s warming climate became too much for them, according to a report by KMSP News, the FOX affiliate in Eden Prairie, MN.

About ten years ago, zookeepers noticed that the heat and humidity were affecting the herd, so they decided not to breed them any more and not acquire any new members.

Does the climate change?  Yes.  Is it caused by man?  No.  So why did they do it?

One possibility is that the state is not suited for that type of animal and they never should have been moved there in the first place.

Another possibility, given the political leanings of the state, is that the animals were sacrificed to help you believe a lie.

A third possibility is that it was an act of terror, designed to scare you into submitting to their wicked agenda.

Have you been wearing a mask lately?  Are you terrified by an overblown virus?  Have you taken the death jabs?  If one is good, why not go for the triple crown?

Could the same thing be happening on America’s public lands?

Have the roundups, not necessary from a resource viewpoint, convinced you that wild horses are overpopulated?  How about the videos of foals being thrown to the ground by wranglers and dragged back to the traps?

What about horses stockpiled in off-range corrals (all of whom could be returned to the range if livestock grazing was discontinued on just a few dozen HMAs)?  Are you ready to support fertility control, sex-ratio skewing and sterilization?

And now, with stories emerging about the slaughter of wild horses, are you willing to accept the government’s pro-ranching agenda?

No Common Ground 05-15-21

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