ISPMB Building Heritage Center?

A statement issued today said the new facility will offer family-friendly mustang safari tours and luxury accommodations for guests wishing to stay overnight.

The International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros, established by Velma Johnston, gave up most of its horses in 2016 when a whistleblower revealed conditions at the ranch.  Approximately 900 animals were placed into private hands the following year through an adoption program.

The sanctuary took in horses from White Sands, New Mexico, Gila Bend, Arizona, the Virginia Range and Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, both in Nevada.

3 thoughts on “ISPMB Building Heritage Center?

  1. she has no business doing this again. the horror she created..BLINDED the Sheldon herd!! something in the dirt or some such..she is a HOARDER!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I got 2 of the rescued 900,with out Elain Nash no telling what would have happened,This woman is a hoarder!This needs to stopped!

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