Adoption Incentive Fallout?

A rescue in Webster, FL takes in wild horses, trains them and adopts them out, according to a video report posted yesterday by the Ocala Star-Banner.

A spokeswoman told Western Horse Watchers that most are owner surrenders, some purchased on sale authority and some adopted with the $1,000 incentive.

As of today, 49 of the 60 horses at the facility are mustangs.

3 thoughts on “Adoption Incentive Fallout?

  1. Please have an official (not just BLM ) count of the Wild horses and Burrows accompanied with areil photographs provimg the number. So that appropriate decisions of how to go further can be managed.. Option an adoption scheme for public to pay in to pay for land rental as per cattle to keep horses and Burros on the lands.

  2. Inhumanes need to stop destroying America’s wild horses. They are living on their land, ranchers need to put their fricking cattle on your own land.
    Leave America’s wild horses RUN WILD and FREE.

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