Double Standards in the Wild Horse World

If you shot these horses with darts, you’d probably be charged with animal cruelty.

Not so for the PZP zealots.

They’ve denied about 600 lives this year on the Virginia Range, by their own estimation, pushing the birth rate below the death rate, assuming a 5% loss per year and initial herd size of 3,000.  It’s the downslope in this chart.

If the government took 600 wild horses off the range in a roundup, there’d be outrage.

Not so for the PZP zealots.  Herd contraction is bad, unless it’s done by them.

These people are getting rid of more wild horses than predators, motorists, drillers, miners and shooters ever could, second only to the government.

Don’t give them a penny.

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New Virginia Range Foal 04-07-21

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