Beneficiaries of WHB Grants?

To receive funding, proposals solicited earlier this week for on-range projects must align with one or more the following requirements:

  • Achieving and maintaining a thriving natural ecological balance
  • Promoting multiple use
  • Supporting authorized gathers
  • Meeting goals of resource management plans
  • Performing conservation actions related to climate change

Nobody in the wild horse world is going to participate in these efforts, except for a few of the ‘advocacy’ groups (see this example).

Proposals would likely come from farm bureaus, stock grower’s associations and public-lands ranchers, who would benefit from the program.

If the goal is to protect wild horses and burros, why not consider these themes?

  • Confining ranchers to their own property
  • Bringing the grazing fee in line with the cost of long-term holding
  • Educating consumers about range-fed beef
  • Disclosing the truth about AMLs
  • Revealing the long-term effects of fertility control programs

The total program funding is $500,000, ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 per project.

RELATED: Funding Available for WHB Protection Projects.

Land Can Only Support 04-21-21

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