SJR3 Not Intended to Benefit Livestock Producers?

The resolution was drafted to benefit Nevada’s wildlands and wildlife, according to the writer of column posted today by The Sierra Nevada Ally of Reno, NV.

Let’s accept that as a true statement.

Now, suppose you were going to write it to help the public-lands ranchers.  What would you do differently?  What exactly would you change?

“The fact that there is a problem with livestock does not mean we should not try to solve the problem with overabundant horses.”

You don’t have too many horses, you have too little food.  Gathering to the low end of AML and suppressing population growth reflects that reality.

The author testified in favor of the measure at the March 23 hearing.  His presentation was questioned at the end of the public comments for omitting data on cattle.  Go to 5:25:40 in the video transcript of the meeting.

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