What is WHIMS?

The Draft EA for the Sand Wash gather plan refers to it in a section about record keeping for wild horse fertility control programs (bottom of page 22 in the pdf).

A web search pointed to a site called ‘WHIMS Web (AWHC).’  It is not a ‘dot gov,’ which would signify government ownership.

The warning message says “Actual or attempted unauthorized use of this system will result in criminal and/or civil prosecution” and “WHIMS Web reserves the right to review, monitor, and record all activities on the system,” which are “subject to review by law enforcement officials.”

Good grief, what are they hiding?

If it’s a database for wild horse darting programs on public lands, why isn’t it in the public domain?

One thought on “What is WHIMS?

  1. Is it permissible to share these articles blogposts with members of horse groups on FB and if yes, what method do you prefer?

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