New Currituck Foal Confused About Mom?

A story posted yesterday by The Virginian-Pilot says the filly wanted to nurse on a mare who was not producing milk.  She would not let the mom near the foal and became increasingly aggressive, according to the report.

Perhaps the mare was trying to steal the foal?

Is any of this related to the fertility control program?

At the December 2017 Nevada Board of Agriculture meeting, where a decision was made to transfer ownership of the Virginia Range horses to a private group, comments were made about the side-effects of PZP (beginning at 2:33:40 in this video).

  • Barren mares stealing foals which die because they have no milk
  • Abscesses at the injection area
  • Pregnant mares aborting their foals after darting
  • Fertility cycles changed

The speaker was shouted down by other individuals at the meeting.

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