Running the Onaqui Numbers

The number of horses allowed by plan is 210.  These animals require 12 × 210 = 2,520 AUMs per year and about 10 × 210 × 365 = 766,500 gallons of water per year.

The guest column in The Salt Lake Tribune says the horses receive 17% of the authorized forage, with 83% assigned to livestock, neglecting wildlife.

The total authorized forage should be around 2,520 ÷ .17 = 14,824 AUMs per year.

The forage assigned to livestock should be about 14,824 × .83 = 12,304 AUMs per year.

The True AML would be = (2,520 + 12,304) ÷ 12 = 1,235.

The current population of around 500 wild horses is well within that range, so there is no need for a roundup or fertility control program.

Why is the HMA on the roundup list for this summer?  Because it’s managed primarily for livestock, not wild horses.

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