Another Wind Farm Coming to Horse Heaven Hills?

An online public meeting will be held March 30 to discuss the project, according to a report posted yesterday by Fox News of Yakima, WA.

The area of interest is east of the Yakama Indian Reservation in Washington state.

A commentary by Forbes says the applicant is Scout Clean Energy of Boulder, CO.

Horse Heaven Hills Map 03-27-21

Scout has gone straight to the state authorities, bypassing county government, because the locals do not want the project, according to the Forbes article.

What will be the effect on the horses?  None, they are gone.

Wiped out in the last Ice Age?  No, eradicated in the middle of the last century, mostly in favor of agricultural interests.

Some may have fled to Yakama territory but may also be gone, as the tribe has been sending their horses, including pregnant mares, to slaughter for years.

Foals born in the feedlots, while the horses await shipment, are often rescued by Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang of Golconda, NV.

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