Haaland’s Bold Vision for America’s Wild Horses?

Woohoo, she co-authored the glorious PZP Amendment, an idea so good that even the Rolling Stones would support it.

Now, she brings a “refreshing vision to the BLM,” according to a guest column published by the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Much of the debate in the wild horse world is not about how to protect them but the best way to get rid of them.  Should we use helicopters or contraceptives or sterilization or euthanasia?  Or some combination?

Drilling and mining affect anywhere from a few acres to a few thousand acres, while public-lands ranching affects entire HMAs and beyond—millions of acres.

Will she come out against it?

Will she push for an increase in grazing fees, a revamp of management plans that assign most of the resources to privately owned livestock, and labels for beef produced on America’s public lands?

Probably not.  Those ideas qualify as bold but would likely clash with her party’s alliances and political agenda.

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