Comments Invited on Draft EA for SoCal Burro Removals

BLM announced yesterday the beginning of a 30-day comment period for wild burro management actions in the Centennial, Panamint and Slate Range HAs over a ten-year timeframe.

The Proposed Action, discussed in Section 2.0 of the EA, will remove all burros from the project area.  The current population is thought to be around 939 animals.

Wild horses are found in Centennial but are not included in the project scope.

The HAs cover about 1.7 million acres on the east side of Highway 395, adjacent to Death Valley National Park, site of another burro removal project.

The maps in Appendix B show the general arrangement.

The number of burros allowed by plan is zero, along with the target stocking rates.

The Allotment Information report in RAS shows other mandated uses of public lands in the Ridgecrest Field Office.  Remarks on pages 15 and 16 of the EA indicate that grazing allotments exist in Centennial and Slate Range but not in Panamint.

Comments will be accepted until April 15.

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