Due in Two Weeks?

Photo of colt’s mom taken this morning.  Conventional wisdom says she’s due mid month, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.  These are not randomly selected horses thrown together in a corral, they are family.

One of the theories in the wild horse world is that roundups stimulate reproduction, growth rates are lower when herds are kept intact.

Video of colt at eleven months was posted to YouTube yesterday.

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Due in Two Weeks 03-06-21

One thought on “Due in Two Weeks?

  1. Yes, any species will increase fertility and reproduction in response to decrease in population, ie, threat to survival of the species. Well known to biologists. So it would stand to reason that wild horses would respond with high fertility given the numbers that have been/are being rounded up.
    This is not mentioned much! Is anyone studying this?

    Great blog! Thank you.

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