Arizona Forests Not Producing Enough Forage?

The Salt River horses live in the Tonto National Forest but are managed at the state level.  There is no Salt River WHT.

Human involvement, including darting and feeding, has, in effect, turned their range into a sanctuary.

Why can’t the horses fend for themselves?  If food is scarce, why don’t they move to greener pastures?  What’s on the other side of the fence?

A summary of grazing activity in Arizona forests during 2016, the most recent year for which the Forest Service has provided data, yields the following results:

  • Forage to cattle: 924,099 AUMs
  • Forage to sheep and goats: 25,129 AUMs
  • Forage to wild horses and burros: 10,427 AUMs

Horses and burros receive 1.1% of the total, which may not include the Salt River herd.

Are the horses constrained by other mandated uses of public lands?  If so, why isn’t the ‘advocacy’ group talking about it?

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