Status of Beaty Butte Allotment?

Map 2 in the appendices of a 2019 EA for resource enforcement actions in the Beaty Butte HMA shows the 434,000 acre HMA (purple boundary) inside the 575,000 acre allotment (brown boundary).

Approximately 19,000 AUMs per year have been allocated to livestock inside the HMA, according to page 55 in the EA, compared to 3,000 AUMs for wild horses.

The forage allocation to wildlife is 762 AUMs per year.  The area of interest is in southern Oregon.

The Allotment Master report from RAS puts the allotment in the Improve category.

Most of the active AUMs are held by the Beaty Butte Grazing Association, authorization #3601261.

The Authorization Use report shows over 4,000 animals allowed by plan in the allotment, compared to 250 wild horses in the HMA.

Failure to meet standards for rangeland health in the allotment may be a consequence of the way the allotment is managed, not the HMA.

RELATED: A Place for Excess Horses Off the Beaty Butte Allotment.

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