Stocking Rates in ORPs

The Draft EA for resource enforcement actions in the Desatoya HMA says on page 61 (of the pdf) that off-range pastures are usually located in grass prairie regions of the United States, such as Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota.

Forage production is higher than the arid rangelands of the western U.S., with an average stocking rate of ten acres per animal.  That’s 100 wild horses per thousand acres, compared to an average rate on all HMAs of one wild horse per thousand acres.

Those same pastures should be able to support 100 cow/calf pairs per thousand acres.

The carrying capacity of the land may be different.

Ideally, stocking rates should be less than carrying capacities, from a sustainability viewpoint, and carrying capacity may vary from year to year, depending on rainfall, soil conditions and other factors.

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