Eagle Roundup Day 35

The incident began on January 6.  Gather stats through February 9:

  • Horses captured: 1,004, up from 977 on Day 33
  • Goal: 1,131
  • Returned: 0
  • Deaths: 27, up from 23 on Day 33
  • Shipped: 895, up from 848 on Day 33

One death occurred on Day 34 due to pre-existing conditions.  Three deaths occurred on Day 35, one related to the roundup and two as a result of pre-existing conditions.

The overall death rate is now 2.7%, up from 2.4% on Day 33.  Few if any deaths would occur if the roundup didn’t happen.

Two more foals were caught since the last report, bringing the total to three.  Roughly 45% of captured adults are male and 55% are female.  Some of the mares are probably within a few weeks of foaling.  Some may have foaled in the off-range corrals.

The gather page says 896 horses shipped.

Body condition scores are not known.

The location of current operations is not known.  Three HMAs are involved in the roundup.

The number of unaccounted-for animals is 82, down from 106 on Day 33.

Some of the mares will be treated with contraceptives and returned to the range but no such activity has been reported.  Some may receive GPS radio transmitters.

Gather activity will probably conclude this week.

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