Battle Mountain District Seeks WHB Specialist

Refer to this listing in ZipRecruiter, posted yesterday.  The district boundary can be seen in this map.

Applicants must be able to perform assignments that involve strenuous walking, horseback riding and climbing over rough and mountainous terrain.  Work may require heavy lifting, bending and working with [wild?] horses up to 1500 pounds, as well as lifting hay bales up to 100 pounds, metal panels, construction materials and wire rope.

The successful candidate must be able to fly in small fixed or rotary wing aircraft to conduct aerial inventories of WHB populations and must be able to operate four-wheel drive vehicles in rugged terrain.

Sounds interesting but the role is probably not compatible with the views and beliefs expressed on these pages.

UPDATE: The PZP zealots may be a good fit.  They’re getting rid of more wild horses than predators, oil and mining companies, and WHB shooters.

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Mares at Palomino Valley Feb 2020

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