Status of Silver King Allotments?

Table 3.3 in the Final EA for resource enforcement actions shows the eight allotments that intersect the HMA.

Western Horse Watchers was unable to find the Ely Spring Sheep allotment in RAS, although it appears on Map I of the EA (page 9 in the pdf).  Ely Springs can be found in RAS but the acreage doesn’t match Table 3.3 so it was omitted.

Of the remaining allotments, five are managed by the Caliente Field Office and two by the Bristlecone Field Office.

The Caliente report shows one allotment in the Maintain category, two allotments in the Improve category and two in the Custodial category.

With most of the acreage coming from public lands, and all of the forage, Western Horse Watchers is unable to explain how those two allotments qualify as Custodial, in view of the 10% rule.

The category masks their condition.

The Bristlecone report classifies one allotment as Maintain and one as Custodial.

Same question for the allotment designated Custodial.

A category for blaming substandard conditions on wild horses and burros doesn’t exist.

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