Desatoya Comment Period Ends This Weekend

The project can not address the underlying problem.  It can only ensure that it goes on for another ten years.  The HMA is managed primarily for livestock.

Concerns about resource allocations and management priorities, although valid, should not be submitted.

According to Paragraph 2 in Section 2.3 in the Draft EA, reducing or eliminating livestock grazing “is contrary to previous decisions which allocated forage for livestock use and would not be in conformance with the existing land use plan nor does it achieve the purpose and need for this EA.”

Shifting forage to wild horses “would not be in conformance with the CRMP [Consolidated Resource Management Plan] and is contrary to the BLM’s multiple-use mission as outlined in the 1976 FLPMA.”

Section 1702 of FLPMA defines ‘multiple use’ as the management of public lands and their resources in a way that best meets the present and future needs of the American people, not a select few.

The EA gives you the impression that the RMP—approved in 2001—can never be changed, but that’s what needs to happen.

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