Pancake Comment Period Almost Over

A news release published yesterday by Friends of Animals urges you to tell the BLM that you oppose the removal of wild horses from the Complex.

Don’t do it.  BLM already knows that.

The problem is in the RMPs listed in Section 1.0 of the Draft EA and those documents are not up for review at this time.  Your comments will likely be dismissed as outside the scope of the project.

The draft enforcement plan, which is open for discussion, is designed to achieve and maintain AMLs in the four areas that make up the Complex.  Those targets are based on the resource allocations and management priorities of the RMPs.

FOA is on the right track, however.

Keep in mind that drilling and mining, mentioned in the statement, affect anywhere from a few acres to a few thousand acres, while public-lands ranching affects entire HMAs—hundreds of thousands of acres—so keep the focus where it belongs.

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Pancake Gather Plan

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