Confusion Roundup Day 7

The incident began November 29.  Gather stats through December 5:

  • Horses captured: 230
  • Goal: 500
  • Returned: 0
  • Deaths: 5
  • Shipped: 202

Two horses were put down today due to poor body condition.  Although attributed to pre-existing conditions, they’d likely be alive if the roundup didn’t happen.

Foals accounted for 24% of the total.

Of the captured adults, 38% were males and 62% were females.  Do those percentages look like they came from a herd that’s 50% males and 50% females?

The number of horses captured is 231, according to the gather page.  The discrepancy is probably in the November 30 figures.

Body condition scores since the last report were mostly threes and fours.

The number of unaccounted-for animals is 23.  The contractor may be holding them on site.

No horses have shipped to Delta since November 30.

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