Who’s Grazing the Delamar and Meadow Valley Allotments?

The roundup will be coordinated by the Caliente Field Office, Ely District, according to the news release.  Over 400 wild horses will be removed from two HAs—part of the Caliente Complex—due to insufficient food and water.

Curiously, these wastelands can support thousands of privately owned cattle at fire-sale prices.  Who benefits from this arrangement?

Map 1 in the Final EA for wild horse management actions in the Complex shows the layout (page 5 in the pdf).  The Delamar Mountains and Meadow Valley Mountains HAs, targets of the roundup, are on the west side.

The map in Appendix V, page 81, shows the allotments.  In this section of the map, Delamar, in light green, intersects four allotments and Meadow Valley, in pink, intersects two.

Delamar and Meadow Valley Allotments

Table 3.2, page 41, provides livestock types, grazing seasons and permitted AUMs.  Note that some of the allotments are in use twelve months per year.

Go to the Rangeland Administration System and right-click on Allotment Master to open the report in a new tab.

  • State: Nevada
  • Office: Caliente
  • Allotment: Oak Springs

Click Apply to run the report.  You can download the results as a pdf file.

The allotment covers 195,049 acres with 9,268 active AUMs, which would support 772 cow/calf pairs over a 12 month grazing season.  Or, if you prefer, 772 wild horses.

The permittee is Delamar Valley Cattle, a producer of range-fed beef.

Go back to the top of the page, uncheck Oak Springs, check Delamar and hit Apply.

The allotment covers 203,000 acres and has 5,558 active AUMs, according to the report.  Same permittee as Oak Springs.  The forage would support 463 cow/calf pairs over a 12 month grazing season, equivalent to 463 wild horses.

You can run through the same steps to look up the other allotments.

The stated reason for the roundup—lack of food—is not consistent with these findings.

The horses are robbing forage from the public-lands ranchers, and they’re not supposed to be there according to the resource management plan (AMLs are zero), so send in the helicopters.

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