Selenite Wild Burro Roundup Starts Next Week

A story by the Elko Daily Free Press published on November 24 probably has details but Western Horse Watchers did not read it because of the stupid GoogleQuestion.  The title said it would occur near the Black Rock Desert, site of the Burning Man festival, so the Nevada gather page might be a better place to look.

The operation will begin on or around November 29, according to the Selenite gather page, and will be carried out with helicopters.  It will be open to public observation.

The incident has not been announced on the BLM news page as of today.  The NEPA project—on which the action is authorized—was not cited at the gather page but it is likely covered by the Blue Wing Gather Plan approved in 2017.

The Selenite Range HA is in the northwest corner of the massive Blue Wing – Seven Troughs allotment and is part of the Blue Wing Complex.  It contains 125,300 acres and has no AML, according to Table 1 of the Final EA.

Selenite HA Map

The gather target is 200, which is most, if not all, of the burros now living in the HA.

Captured animals will be taken to the off-range corrals at Palomino Valley.

Fifty six burros were removed from the HA in 2019, according to the gather page, but Western Horse Watchers was unable to find an announcement for that event.

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