Hookover Bucket Installation

Duraflex buckets won’t work on pipe panels with rail spacings greater than ten inches.

The rails in the Powder River panel below are on 9-3/4″ centers.  Lugs under the hooks lift the bucket, so the lower edge barely contacts the rail.  The galvanized panel in the background has rails on 12″ centers.

The bucket tilts slightly when hooked over the panel, bringing the water level closer to the rim.  Holes for the mounting block should be within an inch from the rim.

The block in these photos is still clamped to the bucket and the brackets for the valve haven’t been secured to it, allowing the valve to slide toward the front of the bucket.

The hose was purchased at Home Depot.  The feed store used to carry them but not any more.  The hose should have 3/4″ male thread on one end, to connect to the float valve, and a 3/4″ female thread on the other, to connect to a standard hose bibb.

A washing machine hose won’t work.

Hookover Bucket Installation Concerns

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