Red Desert Roundup Day 22

The event started October 10.  Gather stats through October 31:

  • Horses captured: 1,672
  • Goal: 2,400
  • Deaths: 4
  • Returned: 118
  • Shipped: 1,055

No deaths were reported over the last three days.

Foals accounted for 22.4% of the horses gathered since October 10.  Of the captured adults, approximately 46% were males and 54% were females.  Body condition scores are not known.

Three more horses were returned to their home since the last update.  The number treated with fertility control is now 59.

The number of unaccounted-for horses is 1,672 – 4 – 118 – 1,055 = 495.  The contractor may be holding them on site.

The reports don’t say where the horses were captured or returned.  Five HMAs are involved in the roundup.

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