WHBAB Member Identifies Cause of Wild Horse ‘Problem’

In a story posted yesterday by the Paulick Report, a news service devoted to the horseracing industry, Dr. Tom Lenz, WHBAB member representing veterinary medicine, said “I think the problem we have today is that the public, through Congress, is managing the horses, rather than the BLM managing them through scientists.”

OK, people, it’s time to ‘fess up.

Who among you have been writing and approving the RMPs that allocate eighty percent or more of the forage in HMAs to privately owned livestock?

How many of you have been demanding the roundups and other population controls that enforce those resource allocations?

Which one of you secured funding for the ‘Path Forward,’ which will ultimately remove seventy percent of America’s wild horses and burros from their home range and place them into off-range pastures and private sanctuaries?

Who benefits as HMAs are zeroed out, predators are decimated and invasive species, such as pinyon pines and juniper trees, are eradicated?

Who pushed for changes to the WHB Act, rendering it ineffective?

Avoid the consequences.  Identify yourselves in the comments.  Do it now!

One thought on “WHBAB Member Identifies Cause of Wild Horse ‘Problem’

  1. The problem lies with Congressional negligence to uphold the Supreme Court finding in Kleppe v New Mexico which decided the wild burro and horse wildlife status. There is a plethora of wildlife and cultural preservation laws, regs and court findings sufficient to ensure ample habitat FLPMA required(s) that: “… wild horses and burros shall be considered comparably with other resource values in the formulations of land use plans” 43 CFR Sec. 4700.0-6
    Since the legendary priest, Rev. Eusebio Francisco Kino, in May of 1700 rode from Tumacacori to the town of San Ignacio, just in the nick of time to save an Indian who was about to be executed, the Colonial Spanish Horse (CPA) has been a part of America’s cultural practices and beliefs. The REMNANT herds represent 500 years of cultural heritage. They also represent a Cultural Resource under Sec 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Their hoof print evolved with the birth of this nation to the present, http://www.galiceno.org/history-of-horses-in-the-americas.html.

    Our country’s evolution is intertwined with the a culture surrounding the Colonial Spanish horse discussed here: The influence on CA tribal culture is documented in Born of Horses here: http://sandiegohistory.org/sites/default/files/journal/v60-3/v60-3lacson.pdf

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