Devil’s Garden Roundup Day 11

Gather stats through September 19:

  • Horses captured: 230
  • Goal: 500
  • Deaths: Not reported
  • Shipped: Not reported

Helicopters were grounded on Day 10 due to high winds.  One death occurred on Day 11 when a stud ran into a gate.  You could argue that deaths attributed to pre-existing conditions are actually related to the roundup, because those horses would likely be alive if the operation was scrubbed.

The total number of deaths and number of foals captured are not known.  The number of horses held on site is not known.

Body condition scores were not provided.

The incident started on September 9.  The longer it takes to achieve AML the more the poor ranchers will suffer, with some having to pay (OMG) market rates to feed their animals on rented pastures.

The daily reports are posted here.

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