Best Way to End Roundups?

Get rid of the horses.

The FY 2021 spending bill approved by the House last week includes the $11 million PZP Amendment, an idea so good that even the Rolling Stones would support it.

Anybody who reads these pages knows that overpopulation is not the problem, but the big-name ‘advocacy’ groups are trying to convince you otherwise.

This article by Nevada Current, published yesterday, is just one example.

What you’re getting from these groups is capitulation to the ranching agenda, as seen in the disastrous ‘Path Forward.’

They’re trying to ensure that livestock operators receive seventy, eighty, ninety percent or more of the authorized forage on land set aside for wild horses.

Don’t give them a penny!

RELATED: House Passes PZP Amendment to FY 2021 Spending Bill.

Cattle and Horses

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