AWA Urges Lawmakers to Accept PZP for Wild Horses

Animal Wellness Action, a lobbying group in Washington D.C., said yesterday in an opinion piece published by the Pagosa Daily Post that “lawmakers have the opportunity to land on the right side of history – and the American taxpayer – by requiring BLM to implement PZP contraceptive in 2021.”

Never mind that the EPA was ordered to reconsider the registration of the pesticide earlier this year.

And you should ignore the Assateague census results that show its long-term effects on wild horse herds.

Lobbyists do as their clients require.  In this case, a photo of a wild horse roundup, provided by AWHC, was included.  Might they be the client?

That group has thrown in with the public-lands ranchers.  They’re using your hard earned donations to do the rancher’s dirty work, which is to ensure that seventy, eighty, ninety percent or more of authorized forage on lands set aside for wild horses goes to privately owned livestock.

Don’t pay attention to their words, pay attention to their deeds.

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