Stop the [Causes of] Roundups!

If you read environmental assessments for management actions on HMAs, you may have seen statements like this:

The elimination of livestock grazing in an area would require an amendment to the RMP.  Changes to grazing cannot be made through a wild horse gather decision.

Roundups, fertility control, sex ratio skewing and sterilization are products of a decision making process that determines the use of public lands.

Those decisions are influenced by other standards, such as the No Rancher Left Behind Act of 1976, as well as the beliefs and loyalties of those involved.

Adoptions, training programs and sanctuaries are too far downstream in the process to be of any use to the horses and burros still on the range.

They are symptoms, not causes.

How far upstream in the process would you have to go to bring about the desired change?  How often do Resource Management Plans come up for review?  What type of safeguards are protecting them?

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