Comments Invited on Confusion Wild Horse Gather EA

Yesterday the BLM announced the opening of a 30-day public comment period on a draft environmental assessment for management actions on the Confusion HMA in western Utah.  The EA looks at the consequences of a proposed action along with those of one or more alternatives.

The HMA covers 235,005 acres in Juab and Millard counties, according to the EA, but the HMA page linked above says 293,665 acres.  The area computed from the data in Table 3a of the EA is 270,574 acres.  (WHW has asked the BLM which figure is correct.)

Confusion HMA Map-1

The maximum number of horses allowed by plan is 115, for an aimed-at stocking rate of 0.5 wild horses per thousand acres, based on the area in the EA.  Recall the observation from April that stocking rates below one may indicate large amounts of forage diverted to privately owned livestock.

The management plan allocates an estimated 10,259 AUMs per year to livestock inside the HMA (88%), according to data in Table 3a, and 1,380 AUMs per year to wild horses (12%).  The AUM distribution will change if the acreage numbers change.

Comments can be submitted online at the project documents page or by US Mail.

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