Swasey Wild Horse Roundup Starts Next Month

BLM said today that 550 wild horses will be removed from the Swasey Mountains HMA, beginning in July.  The news release did not indicate if the operation would be carried out from the air or on the ground.  The current population is thought to be 721, plus this year’s foal crop.

Some of the animals will be receive “population growth suppression,” whatever that means, and presumably be returned to their home range.

The HMA covers 134,965 acres in western Utah and has an AML of 100, for an aimed-at population density (stocking rate) of 0.7 horses per thousand acres.

Swasey HMA Map-1

The HMA intersects four grazing allotments, according to Section 3.2.1 of the final EA, with livestock receiving approximately six times as much forage as the horses.

The announcement did not indicate where captured animals would be taken nor did it provide a link to the gather stats and daily reports.  It’s not known if the event will be open to public observation.

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